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Self-Importance and the Death of Success

It’s counterintuitive to say the least, but I fundamentally believe that the best advice anyone can give on the topic is to remember that humanity does not exist to feed your desire for positive attention. Conversely, it doesn’t exist to deny it, either. That’s something to embrace. Because it means that failure is simply a matter of perception, rather than fact. We can only fail if we accept that as the case.

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Failure is a slice of pizza

Failure Is a Slice of Pizza

This is the reality of failure. While it’s widely agreed upon that success takes time, resilience, commitment, we assume that failure is simply the absence of success. It’s not. Failure is achieved in the exact same way. Little by little, moment by moment, in resilient, momentum-building fashion that grows with intensity as we pour ourselves into it with ferocious commitment.

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What If You Just Did What You’re Supposed To?

But what happens when we don’t have that excuse? What happens when the only thing we need to be successful in our endeavors is a bit of resourcefulness and the will to take massive action? This is the litmus test facing today’s entrepreneur. The barriers have been removed, the tools are readily available, all he has to do is take action.

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